Friday, February 14, 2014

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week: 

5.  The other day, Marino stood on his trampoline and announced, "I'm a rocious." It took a few minutes to decipher he meant to say "ferocious." 

4. My mom and stepfather came to visit us a couple weeks ago. They asked Marino if he wanted to go to mass with them. "No, they just have peace songs there," he said.  They asked again and he said, "No, it's too fancy."

3. I took Marino to the dentist for a checkup this week. Here's some quotes from that visit: 

"It smells like shots in here. Are you going to give me a shot?" 

::mid-cleaning:: "Can you wait a minute? I just need to breathe." ::takes deep, meditative breaths:: 

"Do you have wifi in here?"  

2. The other day in the car, Marino rolled up his pant leg and showed me his calf. "Check out my leg guns" he said.

1. Evan and Marino have been watching old shows of Voltron and Transformers (from the 80s) on Netflix. They both love it. The other day in the car, Marino said, "Mommy, can you turn down the music? Did you know Voltron is the king of robots? And he defends the galaxy from evil robot shadow menaces, like Laser Beak. Ok, I'm done talking. Turn the music up, please."

Pictures of recent fun times....

Monster Mini-Golf with Jace and Landyn

Marino and Landyn love Chipotle!

Marino and his cousin, Raiden, on Super Bowl Sunday

"Look, Mommy. Take my picture, I'm being cute with Max!"

With Captain Planet at the DC Car Show

Playdate with old pals

Fun with family in New Jersey

These two are double trouble - Marino and Josiah

We went to The Pop Shop - the best restaurant, especially if you are on a gluten-free or vegan diet!!

Visiting with aunties and besties in NJ and celebrating Cat's 6th birthday

Marino adores Sabrina's boyfriend, Steven. He wrestles and punches him every chance he gets. 

Happy Birthday, Cat!

The kids love Sabrina!

My forever friends

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