Friday, September 14, 2012

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. The other day we were sitting at the table. Marino was eating a popsicle. I was surfing the Internet. "How's your popsicle?" I asked him.
"Good," he said, "How's your tasty computer?"

4. The next day we were sitting at the table again when Marino said to the flowers on the table "Flower, can you get me a popsicle?" "No, sorry, I don't have hands," he had the flower reply.

3. Last Sunday we went to Evan's cousin's house to watch the game. Some other friends were there with their kids, and the older girls were nice enough to give the boys (the other boy was also 4) horseback rides. At one point, I saw them arguing about something, so I went over to find out what the problem was. Marino told me "He's not sharing the girls with me. I want to ride on them." I tried to explain we don't share people...hopefully that lesson sank in!

2. Speaking of girls, Marino tells me of girls he likes "I just want to pick them up and hug them." When he shows me how he wants to "pick them up" it looks like he's carrying firewood!

1. The other day, Marino was talking about staying in the hotel with Gramma and I in Dallas. "Did you like the hotel?" I asked him. "Yeah, it was so cozy!" he said.

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