Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early Christmas Party with Our Family

Last Saturday we had an early Christmas party with our families. We had a really great time and it was fun to get together with all our local relatives from both sides of the family. Unfortunately, I only took a few pictures since I was busy socializing.

Here's Marino and his favorite cousin, Pacey, making "cheese" faces and eating strawberries...
At one point I went up to Marino's room and this was happening...all his toys were piled on the bed! I asked why they did that and Pacey said "because we're travelling." Miranda asked where they were going. "To the store" Pacey said.
Miranda, Samantha, Aunt Kerry and Pacey

Marino bonding with Monique (Evan's cousin)
Serious scrabble game (or "Words with Friends" as the kids nowadays call it...)

L to R: Dexter, Sammy, Evan, Richelle and Monique

I wish I had more pictures since there were many other special people there!

It was a really fun night!

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